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CTS recently have raised and donated R21 000 to the Western Cape Equine Trust and are hosting another fundraiser on their behalf at the Barnyard Theatre, Tyger Valley on Friday 17th June 2022 (see advertisement below).

Ken Truter, the Chairman of WC Equine Trust, is extremely grateful to CTS and its Managing Director Grant Knowles for the donation and the effort to bring in more funds.

He said, “We used to have an annual fund-raising day but that was scuppered by Covid-19. Without the private donations like this one we would not be able to survive.”

The aim of the WC Equine Trust is to re-home ex-racehorses.

However, they go the extra mile.

They first re-train the horses for a potential second career. Therefore, money is needed for feed and veterinarian bills.

The horses are then put up for sale to ensure they do not get into the wrong hands.

Potential buyers are obliged to work with the chosen horse at the facility before application.

The buyer and the facilities where the horse will be re-homed are carefully vetted before the horse is released.

What is even more admirable about the WC Equine Trust is that, unusually for such organisations, follow ups are done on the horses to make sure they are being well looked after.

The detailed mission of the WC Equine Trust can be read here.