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The CTS Cape Premier Yearling Sale at De Grendel Estate on 14 March has received an innovative boost which will complement the live auction and strengthen the buyers’ bench, by allowing bidders from all parts of the world to participate, in real time.

CTS will be joining forces with the South African online auctions company Meerkat, a leader in the field, having conducted over 50 large cattle and game sales in the last year, all with seamless efficiency.

Ro’an van Tonder, owner of Meerkat, said that his company had cut online delays down to ‘a split second’ using the latest technology, and that their UPS-driven platform is not affected by power outages.

“We have connected buyers around the globe to live cattle and game auctions, even in remote farm areas, so we are well geared up for our first thoroughbred sale, and excited to be involved.”

Auctioneer Andrew Miller said: “Auction sales have changed since the advent of Covid-19 and we have all had to adapt, but it’s safe to say that this kind of technology is of high value to buyers and sellers. Buyers who are not able to attend the sale can watch or listen online, and make their bids at lightning speed.”

Miller added: “The online offering is supported by Meerkat team members who are physically present at the live sale, one of whom acts as an extra bid spotter, focussing only on the bids being struck on their platform.

I, as the auctioneer, perform my customary duties on the podium, while interacting with the Meerkat representative in his capacity as a bid spotter.  There is no lag time waiting for online bids to come through. When they do, they reflect instantly, to compete with the bids struck in the live arena.”

Grant Knowles, Marketing and Bloodstock Director for CTS, reminded buyers who will not be at the live sale, that they should register before 13 March on the Meerkat website, and added: “This is exciting, modern technology which takes us a step forward!”

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Grant Knowles : Amanda Carey :

Download the Meerkat app to register (before 13 March) and to bid on 14 March:

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Meerkat contact details:

Ro’an van Tonder: 082 567 0069

Jaap Coetzer: 083 234 9586 (iOS)

Henno Bakker: 072 458 327 (Android)