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By July 17, 2018February 15th, 2022News

The National Horseracing Authority has advised that it is currently working with industry players to develop a strategy to include and engage the grooms more effectively in the industry.

The recent protests, which were in some cases near violent and occurred in all of the major racing jurisdictions during the month of June, have brought the imbalances in the industry to the fore.

It is common knowledge that the Grooms comprise the largest employed grouping within the industry, and therefore they need to be acknowledged in a meaningful manner. They need to have an officially recognised status, both within the NHA and in the industry in general.

We would like to look at establishing a tiered programme of registrations, where registered candidates can work towards improving their education, knowledge and experience within the industry.

It is often in critical times like these that we are driven to realise that this is the only way forward, as there is a clear moral duty, as well as commercial value – for new growth within the industry – in ensuring that all role players and stakeholders have an opportunity to better themselves, as well as feeling recognised and included.

The Grooms are the only stakeholders who are currently not registered with the NHA, but we intend to change that as soon as possible. It is imperative that an official national representative body is formed so that all future discussions and negotiations are dealt with as soon as issues arise.

  • NHA Press Release