Important Notice CTS Million Dollar Bonus 2018

Important Notice CTS Million Dollar Bonus 2018


Owners are required to register with CTS by no later than the 10 June 2017 for the CTS MILLION DOLLAR BONUS connected to the CTS Million Dollar Races to be run at Kenilworth in 2018. This notification must be received by CTS no later than the 10 June 2017 and will be considered final and binding.

The 2018 CTS Million Dollar Races will be run in Cape Town in 2018 and the additional Million Dollar Bonus applies.

There will be two races: one over 1200m and one over 1600m. Each race will carry a purse of

An additional US$1,000,000 bonus (the “$1 Million Bonus”) will be payable if the same owner or
partnership is the registered owner of the winners of both races.

To qualify for the $1 Million Bonus, all yearlings purchased at the 2016 CTS Cape Premier Yearling Sale, the 2016 CTS March Yearling Sale and the 2016 CTS Emperors Palace Select Yearling Sale must be registered for the bonus with CTS by no later than 10 June 2017.

Horses not registered with CTS before or upon the above date will not be eligible for the Million Dollar Bonus referred to above. More particularly, transfers of ownership after this date will exclude the horse from eligibility for such Million Dollar Bonus.

This notice applies only to the $1 Million Bonus - note that it has no bearing on the eligibility of participants in any of the races.

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